Powders & Propellants

Redcliffe supply a range of blackpowder and smokeless propellants. 


Redcliffe supply six different grades of Blackpowder for various applications.  These specially produced powders are designed to be used for muzzle loading guns, historical guns, the reloading of sporting and hunting ammunition, pyrotechnics, blasting operations and other special purposes.


These reloading propellants are specially selected to be able to cover usage in all commonly used calibres. There are two basic types of reloading powders – single base powders and double base powders with certain percentage of nitroglycerin. The powders depending on technology are manufactured in the form of flake, disc, tubular or ball particles.

Single Base Powders

Nitrocellulose is the main component (90–98 %) of single base powders. Various additives such as stabilisers, surface treatment agents, flame reducing agents and ingredients affecting the burning characteristics are used as well. Most single base propellants produced are surface coated to achieve the progressiveness of burning.

Double Base Powders

In addition to nitrocellulose, double base powders contain also nitroglycerin (8–23 %) as an energetic component. These powders contain also a small percentage of stabilisers or other additives as the single base powders. Double base powders are of higher energetic value than single base powders and their ballistic performance is better.